Flexible duct connectors are used to isolate noise, vibration, absorb expansion and correct misalignment in ductwork. Flex-a-duct specialise in producing...

  • Flexible Duct Connectors
  • Acoustic Fan Jackets
  • Bellows & Gaskets

Here at Flex-a-duct we can manufacture flexible duct connectors to any shape or size. From a simple sleeve handling ambient air, to the complex multi layer seals resistant to extreme temperatures with acid or solvent laden material passing through. We have an extensive range of flexible materials to handle most applications, based on many years experience in all types of industry.

Flex-a-duct can manufacture flexible's with the acoustic properties, which will reduce noise breakout. A noise reduction of up to -22db can be achieved. We use materials that have been fire tested for rate of spread of flame and penetration. They conform to BS 476 parts 7 & 8 and have a Class 1 rating.

We manufacture metal framed flexible's using standard Ductmate, Doby flanging systems, or fabricated metal flange for any size or shape & can be made to suit your requirements. We also manufacture flexible connectors to suit applications where the ductwork offsets or changes from circular to square.

We can also supply sound barrier mat (BM1060) in 3m, 6m or 9m rolls.